About Us


Family Heritage

It all started when my grandfather and great-grandfather would go to Palisade, Colorado and bring back a trailer full of fresh picked peaches.  As they pulled into the yard, there would be numerous neighbors waiting to fill their boxes with peaches.  In a matter of a couple hours all the peaches would be gone, except those my grand-mother held back to can and what they would eat fresh. 

When my dad told me of that memory of his childhood and the peaches, I asked “why don’t I sell peaches to help earn money for college”.  And then Kyndall Peaches was born.​ 


The Cadillac of Peaches

We bring in premium peaches form Caldwell Idaho. Kyndall Peaches are individually packed to protect them from bruising. They are all consistent in size which makes them perfect for canning.  


Kyndall started selling peaches in 2012 to earn money for college.